The best place in Portugal to spend a day, or a lifetime.

Here are some reasons why:

Our Weather: sun, sun and ... even more sun. The weather in Cascais is made in autumns that look like spring, winters that look like autumns, springs that fall like the summer, and of course the truths that are really summers, always warm. Therefore, it is the ideal destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities, who enjoy nature and want to know the most beautiful regions of the country, under a mild climate.

Our beaches: Cascais, on the Portuguese West Coast, has no more than the Continental, is a beach area par excellence. With a sea coast of 30 km, several beaches to choose from, some with wild features and surrounded by a beautiful landscape of dunes and mountains, with a few more areas near the village and the beach on foot. ..... Which are an option, plus baths and sunbathing.

Our cuisine: Portuguese cuisine has been in the headlines. For the first time of the species - fish and seafood at the top of the list, but also meat and excellent vegetables - for our great cooks for seasonings and combinations of flavors, but also for the creativity of the chefs who know how to use the products. in recipes and comments, and this has earned the country more and more recognition. Cascais and its surroundings are a good sample of what you can sample in Portuguese lands.We have a brochure in each of your apartments with alternative options in the area.

Our events: in other words, an agenda of events throughout the week in Cascais. Whether it's exhibitions, plays, musical and gastronomic festivals, fairs and markets, sports competitions or nautical events - many of them with free admission - the album is a day off in the calendar of Cascais.

Our Historical Center: restaurants, bars, shops and traditional shops, still very present in the village; there is a connection to the sea, as the roots of a land are also fished and a bay from which boats depart to the high seas every day; and then there are streets and alleys of the center, a fortress, museums and gardens. The sum of it all makes a historical center very rich and beautiful, frantic, day or night.

Our golf courses: Why, Cascais has been a golf destination for golfers from all over the world, honored with the award "Best European Golf Destination" in 2007 and 2016. architects, some facing the sea, others surrounded by mountains, fences by dunes and pines. Each with its genesis, but everything is with all the specs required for an excellent game.

Our Museums: Few destinations can boast an exclusive neighborhood of museums. Cascais prides itself - and rightly so. It currently has 16 museums, two urban parks and all can be visited on foot. In the center there are old family houses transformed into museums, royal palaces and projects designed by Pritzker prize winners and a cultural center with exhibitions. The difficulty is choosing where to start.